The network

The Global Network of Societies for International Law (GNSIL)

The Global Network of Societies for International Law (GNSIL) is an informal network which has been created after the Strasbourg World Meeting of Societies for International Law (I am here refering to the Strasbourg meeting of 2015. The creation of the Global Network comes from an old idea that had already given place to some concrete experimentations as meetings organised by research centres or societies for international law. The French Society (SFDI) whishes we could go further towards that direction.

The GNSIL has been created in a spirit of cooperation between the sister societies for international law. It is not a society in itself. It should be a tool for the existing scholarly societies to communicate with each others and strenghen their cooperation.


Projects and realisations

The GNIL is both a platform for a greater dialogue and cooperation between the scholarly societies and think tank on what those societies are and should be. It facilitates the exchange of informations on each societies’ activities, members and governance. It also helps organising joint events and planning joint actions for the defense of international law.

For instance, it has been working with the Codification Division of the United Nations Officie of Legal Affairs to find better ways to identify custumary rules ; it has also organised the signature of a text in favour of Maurice Kamto.



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